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Frequently Asked Questions

Srround is a holistic platform for performing artistes and professionals from the Sound and Music Industry. Check out our section on 'Experience Srround' to know more.

Have a look at Srround's Ecosystem as part of the 'Who We Cater To' section and see if you find yourself among some of those categories.

We cater to Artistes (Singers, Instrumental Musicians, Dancers, Theatre Artistes, Voice Artistes, DJs), Performing Groups (Bands, Choirs, Orchestras), Composers, Music Producers, Arrangers, Lyricists, Sound Engineers, Sound Technicians, Teachers and Institutions, Show Organisers, Artiste and Band Managers, Venues (Studios, Rehearsal Halls, Jam Rooms, Auditoriums), Equipment Providers, Videographers, Acoustic Engineers, Music Shops, Music Distributors, Production Houses, Audio Technology Companies and many more.

If you are one among these categories then you' ve reached the right place. Sign - Up and explore Srround.

Being among the 'first' is always special and we will remember each and everyone who help us mould this remarkable journey. A Sign-Up is just that beginning.

In this phase, a Sign Up helps you to Create or Track Opportunities. It also puts you on our mailing list which we use to notify users regarding existing relevant opportunities.

You also become our first users and get to be the primary explorers of every phase that we launch. We shall soon be enabling you to create a dedicated work profile and connect with professionals directly through the platform. Stay tuned !!!

Signing up on Srround is absolutely Free. No Membership Charges or Sign - up fee. Come and explore a world curated just for your professional needs.

We are readying this feature as part of our subsequent phases and we shall be notifying you when your workspace is ready. Remember to Sign-Up now!

We are readying this feature as part of our next phase. We shall notify you very soon via email. Remember to Sign-Up now!

The Collaboration feature is one of our pillars to building Srround. While we are working towards creating a seamless collaboration environment for your through the platform, you do not have to wait until this phase is launched.

Use the 'Create Opportunity' button to find suitable co-musicians to jam with, bands to collaborate, or studios that are looking for you. Also, if you have a project in hand and are looking for collaborations to complete the project, follow the same route - just 'Create Opportunity' and let Srround do the rest for you.

You may be a Sound Engineer, a Sound Designer, a Sound Editor, an Audio Mix Engineer, a Sound Technician, a Foley Artist or a Boom Operator, we got your professional work ecosystem covered here. Enter what you are looking for under ‘Create Opportunity' and explore what Srround can do for you.

Artistes on Srround include Singers (All forms, genres, ethnicities), Instrumental Musicians (Stringed, Keyed, Percussion, Wind), Voice Artistes (VO, Dub, Mimicry, Compering, to name a few), Theatre Artistes (Drama, Musical, Symphony and many more), Disc Jokeys (Club DJs, Turntablists, and so on) and Dancers (All forms, genres and ethnicities)

Visibility is of utmost importance whether you are beginner or a seasoned professional. We are working on tools that will get you the right visibility and enable to interact with industry professionals. While you gather your work to be showcased via Srround soon, ensure that you create your Srround account today.

A robust profile attracts more attention. An engaging workspace ensures that your peers take you seriously and an active engagement with other users keeps you relevant. Brand building is a process and we are here to make that happen for you.

The first step is to create your Srround Account. Once signed in explore Srround, connect with the help of Opportunities that suit your skill sets, Watch out for our future updates which include our most awaited profile builder.

Psst... a tip today - Start gathering your work links, you are going to be needing them on Srround very soon. It's time to get noticed !!!

You have arrived at absolutely the right platform. The first step is in creating your Srround account. Use our Opportunity tab and get noticed among other professionals who are looking for collaborations.

As we launch our profile builder, come and create your detailed work profile. Subsequently, we shall provide you with visibility into other users on the platform which enables you to connect virtually and grow your professional network systematically.

Srround is a global platform and we are not restricting to any region or country. We aim to build a global community of professionals and we are sure that Collaborations will not see any geographical boundaries.

We are here for an entire Industry and leaving out any genre or style is definitely not our plan. Whatever be your form, style or genre, Srround will cover it.

Wondering if this is 'just another platform'? Well, whether you are a Singer or a Dancer, a Writer or a Composer, a Sound Engineer or Studio Owner, or just love managing Artistes and Bands, we keep 'You' at the centre and see 'Your' world from 'Your' perspective.

We have a never ending pipeline of 'nexts' but just to ease your curiosity, we are working on releasing our ‘Profile Builder' soon.

In the music and sound space, there is always a need to collaborate on various projects. If you have a project in hand and need someone to complete it, you are an Opportunity Provider who is looking for suitable collaborations. At the same time, you may be looking to expand your work portfolio and are eager to find avenues where your skills can be put to use. Here you are an Opportunity Seeker who can fill a requirement.

This is what an opportunity sounds like (broad examples):
  • I would love to collaborate with fellow musicians on a new single that I am planning
  • Any bands looking for an instrumental player like me
  • Need a Voice Over artiste to complete a dub
  • Require Singers to complete a good scratch track or maybe just fill up some chorus
  • Composed a track but need a good Music Arranger to work on it
  • Client wants a Rap to be inserted in the track, need a rapper urgently
  • My Sound Engineer is too over loaded, where can I get someone to work on this mix?
  • I am in need of an online Music Teacher for my daughter
  • Our Band requires a manager to help us grow
  • I want to promote my work, any distributors out there?
  • Needed song writer for an upcoming album

If you are looking to get a project completed and curious to know where you can get great talent to fulfil the same, just navigate to the 'Tune Up' button. Once you are 'Tuned In', Click 'Create Opportunity' and fill up the details of your project.

Yes, you would need to be signed in to create or track an opportunity. Our sign up is a very simple process, just hit 'Tune Up' on the home page and you should be signed in within minutes.

  • When a user creates an opportunity with Srround, our team processes the same and reaches out to you if the opportunity matches your skills.
  • Each opportunity created generates an opportunity id which will be provided to you while sending you an opportunity matching your skills.
  • You can go to the 'Track Opportunities' tab and use this Opportunity ID to track the status of this opportunity.
  • Status will indicate whether the opportunity is still 'Open' or 'Closed'

Once we receive your opportunity, our Team connects with you to discuss the details of your requirement. Team Srround then scans our vast network of professionals, reaches out to the network and finds you a suitable match to complete your project.

If all required details are mentioned in your opportunity form, we get onto to the job immediately. An ideal turnaround time is totally dependent on your requirement. However, to ensure we are able to get good quality seekers, we suggest a minimum turnaround time of 3 days. Nonetheless, we have fulfilled projects in lesser duration as well.

'The World of Sound and Everything Around' is what we stand for. In your opportunity description, you can be as elaborate as you may like, to describe what your project is about. If your project requires a specific talent, however niche they maybe, please do mention it. There are probably no categories within the Sound and Music field that Srround cannot fulfil.

Yes, we are working round the clock to ensure genuine opportunity providers are able to complete their projects by leveraging our reach to seekers like you. As and when there is an ideal matching opportunity, you can expect to hear from us for sure.

It's great to hear that the opportunity suits your interest. Just reply to the email with the requisite details asked therein. You can track the status of this opportunity through the 'Track Opportunity' section.

  • At this phase Srround will notify you of suitable opportunities via email
  • You will be able to track only opportunities that you receive over email.
  • You can go to the 'Track Opportunities' tab and use this Opportunity ID to track the status of this opportunity.
  • Status will indicate whether the opportunity is still 'Open' or 'Closed'

Yes, there is a nominal fee that will be worked out by our team for every opportunity fulfilment work.

Yes, you can edit the opportunity or delete an opportunity created by you at any point

The same way your data is important to us, we safeguard every user data. If there is an opportunity that requires the exchange of contact information, Srround would ensure that the opportunity provider is ready to engage with the opportunity seeker and only at that point, we seek consent from both parties to share their contact information with each other.

Srround never shares your personal information with any third party vendors. This information will be used for securing your account and for sending you important communication, such as alerts, opportunities and notifications.

We would hate to see you go. But if the situation arises that you need to delete your Srround account, you can write to us at from your registered email address.